ChainSodomy (areadenial) wrote in fps,

So tell me..

What would you people say was one of your most defining FPS experience? Any game or scenario that in some way or another etched itself in your memories?

Also, what are you looking forward to?

Does anyone else find it funny, that despite FPS developers announcing their need to focus on console based goals for various reasons, while at the same time they sing their frustrations with consoles? Oh and Carmack, the 360 has a better SDK tools than the PC because Microsoft willingly admitted to focusing less on the PC so that they could drive the 360.

I feel developers keep shifting their priorities away from the PC, while wondering why it feels less alive than ever. The majority of my recent gaming purchases for the PC have been made on Steam.

oh shit oh shit.. that reminds me! DEFCON is out. Gotta go
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