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fps's Journal

First Person Shooters
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Welcome to the FPS community.

As you should know, this community is dedicated to the first person shooter genre, both for PC and console.


  • No fanboy/girl arguing. This community is not about who is more buff irl than who.

  • Do not treat your opinions like they are sacred. Opinions aren't like assholes, they're like opinions, and everyone has them. Opinions turn into assholes when people think no one else is entitled to their own, no matter how baseless some of them might be.

  • I do not want to see arguments on controllers vs. mouse and keyboard. The battle is over, and Mouse + Keyboard won.

  • This community is meant for gaming, gaming is meant for fun, so please don't make being a member of this community a painful thing.

  • In general, just use common sense, be nice, have fun, and you'll do just fine. It'll take a lot for people to get banned here. Unlike in the gamers community, if you get banned, you'll know you did something wrong.

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