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RtCW:OR -- impossible jumps

I've got the PS2 version of Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Operation Resurrection, and I've played it through several times. There are two jumps that have so far proven impossible for me, both to reach secret areas:

First: In Escape! pt. 3, Lower Keep, BJ must jump onto a fireplace mantle to get at a secret space behind a flag. Online advice says to place a chair onto the table, which makes sense, but at least in my version, all the chairs in this section are unmoveable (ungrabable). So, what do I do then?

Second: In the Trainyards, near the end, BJ must make a Shatner leap from a gantryway to a platform in the corner of the room. Every attempt I've ever tried (many, many, many) has failed: BJ falls to the floor below and gets hurt (or, rarely, lands harmlessly -- but uselessly -- on a box). Several online advisories say it's a hard jump, but doable; none of these are for PS2 version, however, and it seems impossible for me.

Advice? (Other than to give up on PS2 and the PC version)?
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