Jessica (sweetdelights) wrote in fps,


We have started our very own gaming community and forum called Waiting For The Game. The concept, however, is one that should set the forum apart from other gaming forums. Waiting For The Game is dedicated to bringing news and updates on the latest upcoming games and details on what locations are carrying it or are sold out, hence... "Waiting For The Game". A lot of the times, games that are released are sold out within minutes. Now, all that needs to be done is go to WFTG and check out what places are being reported with carrying the game so you don't have to go crazy looking for it around town. Plus, there are other wonderful discussions about gaming in general and stores.

We are now accepting members.... so stop on by and enjoy. Come share your horror stories about places and employees, come talk about an upcoming release you're dying to have, or chit chat about the games you are currently playing for next gen consoles or older systems. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

- Jessica
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