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So earlier I was thinking about how I wasn't amazingly impressed with 2142 at E3. I watched it, and it looked like Battlefield 2 mixed with Halo, as well as Planetside. I looked at screenshots and what did I see?

I see a reaver, a mosq and a BFR.

and sadly, so many people agreed with me.

but then I looked again, and I looked closer.


What I am seeing is what BF2 was supposed to be, but wasn't because all you have to do is run around and cap shit = win. The most I used the BF2 squad system was during the demo. Everyone was new to it, and everyone wanted to play together. I must have spent 2 hours one night during the demo days with some people I had never met before. We went around, blew up bridges, destroyed enemy assets, and did whatever. It was fun, and I had no idea who any of them were. All we knew is that we were loving everything about it. Retail rolls around and everyone is just pissing off, and what is BF2 now? Oh it's Unreal Tournament with squad sytems.

I had to join Battlefield 2 Combat(a large group of people) just to get into some good teamwork, but they were way too into protocol for what I just wanted to be a relaxed game enviroment.

2142 is showing me teams being rewarded in what has to be done as a team.
People are focusing way too hard on what new graphic unfness and other strange shit they're going to get out of 2142.

So what I am seeing is this. Battlefield 2 is nothing more than BF2142 set in modern times. However, I do agree it would be nice to see more come from 2142, but I don't understand how some people are acting like it's one of the most underwhelming things ever.

2142 offers some sort of progression in it's Titan mode, and such progression seems to either be made, or broken by how the team puts in it's effort. BF2 offers a clusterfuck.

I am certainly pre-ordering 2142.
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