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Hello, I am your new maintainer, or we can call me your Combine Benefactor, for those of you who enjoy HL2.

Before I start, I am going to layout why I am here. I let bastardgay butt rape me for this role.

Actually.. The previous maintainer seems to no longer use LJ, so I figured that I'd ask if I could take over that position. I am currently constructing some other communities for the purpose of gaming.

multiplay: Is a community I somewhat recently made, and haven't really advertised. It will go for all sorts of purposes such as finding people to play with, clans, servers, TS/Vent servers, etc. If the community needs to be extended out further into different branches of multiplayer, that will be done.

Another community will go to the purpose of game mods, but I've yet to create that. Mainly I'm trying to centralize these communities that are related, rather than create more clusters of similar communities which do nothing more than spread everyone out away from eachother.

I am in the process of also making non-intrusive 80x15 buttons that you can put on your LJ info if you wish to do so, I've currently made one, but will make more soon.

You can hotlink that button if you wish. It's so small in filesize that it would take around 31,488,030 loads in a month to exceed my transfer, and if that were to happen, I'd put it on my main FTP, which would take about 160 thousand views to kill. So direct link without guilt on this one.


Anyway, I hope to make this community part of a group of others that form a cluster that benefit their subject. I think too many communities attempt to be "the next big community" or "an (insert name here) community killer), and in the end do nothing more than as I said earlier, spread the groups of similar people out way too thin.


So.. Who is looking forward to what games?
I'm really looking forward to BF2142, but also hoping that it becomes more than just a retail BF2 mod with Mechs. Crysis looked really hot, but I am confused.. I keep hearing that the game was running excellent framerates, but when I was at E3 and got to see it, it must have been running 13 frames a second the entire time... That is not by any means a good framerate, and while it is of course an early build, I still didn't see any damn good frame rates. I am sure it'll be improved, as it has a long ways to go, but for it's current state.. it was damn hot.
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Pfft don't try to cover it up you really did get it because you're a gay homo fag. ;DDDD

I'm looking forward to Bioshock among everything else. It could quite easily be the second sexiest thing that's come out in the past few years (after HL2 of course <3)

I'm also looking forward to Prey though, muchly. I have a feeling it's going to be incredibly shitty in the story department (yes I have no faith in 3D Realms creating a truly story rich FPS) but it has the potenial to look beautiful and have at least a great soundtrack.
NO! Max Payne had a godlike story =(
I still haven't played either Max Payne. :( Been meaning to though for ages but I keep getting distracted by other games. I can't deny the noir factor though so I really should just hunker down and get the game.
I'm still looking forward to S.T.A.L.K.E.R.. I wish there were more games out there that used iron sights that don't take place during a world war. Then again, it's made by THQ and I never was a big fan of them. Fingers crossed.
It doesn't take wartime to produce a desire for accuracy. Hip shooting while running never works in real life, unless you're just providing covering fire for yourself. I don't understand why I can't do anything more than hipshoot like rambo, or use a rifle scope.

and yeah, THQ has never had me massively impressed, but I too am awaiting S.T.A.L.K.E.R.