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First Person Shooters' Journal

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7th March 2011

chrisdragon9:16am: Doom and other stuff
Has anyone come across the BrutalDoom mod for ZDoom based source ports yet? Below showcases the graphic violence this mod has to offer..also the download link for said mod are in the video's descriptions.

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24th September 2007

worshipper3:39pm: Resistance question
Quick question to someone who knows the multiplayer maps well...is Manchester Cathedral present only in the single-player mode, or is it to be found in the Manchester multiplayer maps as well?

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22nd July 2007


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19th July 2007

daisycake3:10am: hi, i found this community by searching interests for rise of the triad. i remember playing that game as a kid with my brother on our crappy/awesome windows95 computer. now we've got a windows xp. i was wondering if it was possible to download this game anywhere online, because quake just doesn't measure up. may be a stupid question but thought it couldn't hurt to ask :) thanks.

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9th March 2007

007zed11:16pm: From the GDC...
Videos for the new CryENGINE 2, which Crysis will be running on.

There are some truly amazing things to be seen - both in what the engine can handle, and also how powerful and accessable the game editor is.

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15th January 2007

x_jet_black_x1:08pm: Goldeneye Source
One video any fan of Goldeneye or Half-Life should watch.

http://www.goldeneyesource.com for more info

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30th November 2006

dancersdream048:14pm: Shootout! Screenshots
Hey guys there's this game called Shootout! From Kumagames.com. It's a

free game download and it's pretty tight. Check out the graphics here:

ScreenshotsCollapse )

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21st November 2006

owo_owlofd00m9:52am: I was paging through the latest copy of Game Informer and I've throughly decided that they should port Resistence Fall of Man to the PC. I know it'll never happen, but if any of you buggers happen to have a PS3 and the game, I demand to know how good it is so I can continue being bitter. :P

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13th November 2006

privateskylark11:59am: S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow of Chernobyl
While being in any zone at all may be something new to most of the inhabitants of THQ's happy-happy-fun-bus, for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl developer GSC Game World the feeling's all too familiar. Estimates vary on how long the FPS has been in production, but "five years" is a safe bet. Heavily delayed – an original release date of 2004 sailed past with barely a whimper – many had thought the project lost until it reared its head at Games Convention in August. THQ has faith. Shipping 80 journalists to Ukraine from literally all over the world is no laughing matter. But the questions are obvious: can the game Eurogamer editor Kristan Reed described as "staggeringly beautiful" in April 2004 really cut it in a post-Half-Life 2 world? Hasn't S.T.A.L.K.E.R.'s time been and gone?

More here

I almost had an attack of tl;dr, but it turned out to be a pretty good article. I've been following the game's development for the past year-or-so and my feelings about it keep going from extreme highs to extreme lows. Anywho, I thought I'd poke you all to the article because you may want to have a read too.

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22nd October 2006

kotorjedi_amaya12:25am: Comm Pimp!
Just wanted to pimp theredshadow and I's new community, lambdacore. It's a community for Half-Life fans in general, as well as the mods. We wanted to make a Half-Life community where people could actually have discussion about the series and its mods, as all the other HL comms are dead.

So, if you are a fan, feel free to join! I know it isn't much now, but we *are* brand new.

lambdacore button
Thank you guys!

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Feel free to delete if this is not allowed.
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29th September 2006

areadenial4:16pm: So tell me..

What would you people say was one of your most defining FPS experience? Any game or scenario that in some way or another etched itself in your memories?

Also, what are you looking forward to?

Does anyone else find it funny, that despite FPS developers announcing their need to focus on console based goals for various reasons, while at the same time they sing their frustrations with consoles? Oh and Carmack, the 360 has a better SDK tools than the PC because Microsoft willingly admitted to focusing less on the PC so that they could drive the 360.

I feel developers keep shifting their priorities away from the PC, while wondering why it feels less alive than ever. The majority of my recent gaming purchases for the PC have been made on Steam.

oh shit oh shit.. that reminds me! DEFCON is out. Gotta go

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28th September 2006

owo_owlofd00m10:14pm: Earlier this week some BioShock gameplay footage was released. Figured I'd post it up to see if it gets anyone else's motor running.


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14th September 2006

privateskylark8:51am: F.E.A.R
FEAR Extraction Point SP Demo

OK, it seems with my l33t skills on FEAR, I completed this on uber-hard within 2 minutes. It is a demo after all, but I expected a little more.

As for gameplay/graphics etc, it feels better. I cannot however put my finger on why. It seems smoother, the guns are much more fun, and the enemies still have their "Im gonna do whatever I fucking want" attitude.

Good game, cannot wait until it comes out as the expansion.

Crossposted like woah.
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12th September 2006

worshipper9:52pm: Prey fans needed for IM interviews
Hi, I'm taking a class in videogame analysis, and need to talk to some people who've played Prey. Either platform will do. If you're interested, email me at rauch.p@gmail.com or IM me at Psy666. Thanks.

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11th September 2006

i_am_pellucid10:52pm: BF2142
Anyone else here gonna be getting BF2142? I think it's kind of lame the way EA has been milking the franchise for every penny, but unfortunately I think I'm addicted, as I've already pre-ordered (just HAD to have the bonus SCAR skin, it's sexy).

If anyone is, maybe we can flood a server and take some names (or dogtags, as it were).

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30th August 2006

sapphorlando3:06pm: RtCW:OR -- impossible jumps
I've got the PS2 version of Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Operation Resurrection, and I've played it through several times. There are two jumps that have so far proven impossible for me, both to reach secret areas:

First: In Escape! pt. 3, Lower Keep, BJ must jump onto a fireplace mantle to get at a secret space behind a flag. Online advice says to place a chair onto the table, which makes sense, but at least in my version, all the chairs in this section are unmoveable (ungrabable). So, what do I do then?

Second: In the Trainyards, near the end, BJ must make a Shatner leap from a gantryway to a platform in the corner of the room. Every attempt I've ever tried (many, many, many) has failed: BJ falls to the floor below and gets hurt (or, rarely, lands harmlessly -- but uselessly -- on a box). Several online advisories say it's a hard jump, but doable; none of these are for PS2 version, however, and it seems impossible for me.

Advice? (Other than to give up on PS2 and the PC version)?

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22nd August 2006

privateskylark8:35am: Mouse/Headset
My mouse has finally gone to the scrap heap so I need a new one. As I play a lot of online FPS games I need a pretty good gaming-mouse so if anyone can recommmend a decent one which is good with FPS-games (like Call of Duty 1&2 or Battlefield 2 - bonus points if it's good when it comes to flying) I would be most appreciative! :] I've heard good things about the Logitech MX518, especially when it comes to configuring for BF2..

I've also been having problems with the mic part of my headset due to family members being careless with it so I may be looking to get a new one if the quality doesn't improve any time soon. I've heard good things about the Sennheiser PC160/PC150 headsets.. If anyone here has used either of those headsets I'd be happy to hear what you think of them.. and again, any recommendations are appreciated! ^_^

Crossposted x3
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12th August 2006

fenst11:17am: RU Far Cry

Hi all. Can somebody help me to find where does Far Cry keeps its files with my save-games?
Becouse i have some problems with my comp now and want to reinstall Windows and don't want to play the game from the very beginning (i had already done it 2 times early) :)

so, where can i find files with save-games?

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23rd June 2006

areadenial6:02pm: If you haven't played the Prey demo yet, I suggest you do so.

That link provides links to several mirrors that have the demo for download.

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19th June 2006

sweetdelights12:59am: Invitation...

We have started our very own gaming community and forum called Waiting For The Game. The concept, however, is one that should set the forum apart from other gaming forums. Waiting For The Game is dedicated to bringing news and updates on the latest upcoming games and details on what locations are carrying it or are sold out, hence... "Waiting For The Game". A lot of the times, games that are released are sold out within minutes. Now, all that needs to be done is go to WFTG and check out what places are being reported with carrying the game so you don't have to go crazy looking for it around town. Plus, there are other wonderful discussions about gaming in general and stores.

We are now accepting members.... so stop on by and enjoy. Come share your horror stories about places and employees, come talk about an upcoming release you're dying to have, or chit chat about the games you are currently playing for next gen consoles or older systems. We are looking forward to seeing you there!


- Jessica

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16th June 2006

owo_owlofd00m9:41pm: Prey demo
Just a heads up for anyone that isn't already aware, Gamespot will be releasing the demo for Prey on June 21 at 9PM (PT). It apparently contains an hour of gameplay, and maps for both single and multiplayer.

Why yesh, I believe the time some of us having been waiting what feels like centuries for is finally upon us. :P

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11th June 2006

areadenial10:39pm: So earlier I was thinking about how I wasn't amazingly impressed with 2142 at E3. I watched it, and it looked like Battlefield 2 mixed with Halo, as well as Planetside. I looked at screenshots and what did I see?

I see a reaver, a mosq and a BFR.

and sadly, so many people agreed with me.

but then I looked again, and I looked closer.


What I am seeing is what BF2 was supposed to be, but wasn't because all you have to do is run around and cap shit = win. The most I used the BF2 squad system was during the demo. Everyone was new to it, and everyone wanted to play together. I must have spent 2 hours one night during the demo days with some people I had never met before. We went around, blew up bridges, destroyed enemy assets, and did whatever. It was fun, and I had no idea who any of them were. All we knew is that we were loving everything about it. Retail rolls around and everyone is just pissing off, and what is BF2 now? Oh it's Unreal Tournament with squad sytems.

I had to join Battlefield 2 Combat(a large group of people) just to get into some good teamwork, but they were way too into protocol for what I just wanted to be a relaxed game enviroment.

2142 is showing me teams being rewarded in what has to be done as a team.
People are focusing way too hard on what new graphic unfness and other strange shit they're going to get out of 2142.

So what I am seeing is this. Battlefield 2 is nothing more than BF2142 set in modern times. However, I do agree it would be nice to see more come from 2142, but I don't understand how some people are acting like it's one of the most underwhelming things ever.

2142 offers some sort of progression in it's Titan mode, and such progression seems to either be made, or broken by how the team puts in it's effort. BF2 offers a clusterfuck.

I am certainly pre-ordering 2142.
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areadenial2:49pm: EXCUSE ME WTF R U DOING?
Hello, I am your new maintainer, or we can call me your Combine Benefactor, for those of you who enjoy HL2.

Before I start, I am going to layout why I am here. I let bastardgay butt rape me for this role.

Actually.. The previous maintainer seems to no longer use LJ, so I figured that I'd ask if I could take over that position. I am currently constructing some other communities for the purpose of gaming.

multiplay: Is a community I somewhat recently made, and haven't really advertised. It will go for all sorts of purposes such as finding people to play with, clans, servers, TS/Vent servers, etc. If the community needs to be extended out further into different branches of multiplayer, that will be done.

Another community will go to the purpose of game mods, but I've yet to create that. Mainly I'm trying to centralize these communities that are related, rather than create more clusters of similar communities which do nothing more than spread everyone out away from eachother.

I am in the process of also making non-intrusive 80x15 buttons that you can put on your LJ info if you wish to do so, I've currently made one, but will make more soon.

You can hotlink that button if you wish. It's so small in filesize that it would take around 31,488,030 loads in a month to exceed my transfer, and if that were to happen, I'd put it on my main FTP, which would take about 160 thousand views to kill. So direct link without guilt on this one.


Anyway, I hope to make this community part of a group of others that form a cluster that benefit their subject. I think too many communities attempt to be "the next big community" or "an (insert name here) community killer), and in the end do nothing more than as I said earlier, spread the groups of similar people out way too thin.


So.. Who is looking forward to what games?
I'm really looking forward to BF2142, but also hoping that it becomes more than just a retail BF2 mod with Mechs. Crysis looked really hot, but I am confused.. I keep hearing that the game was running excellent framerates, but when I was at E3 and got to see it, it must have been running 13 frames a second the entire time... That is not by any means a good framerate, and while it is of course an early build, I still didn't see any damn good frame rates. I am sure it'll be improved, as it has a long ways to go, but for it's current state.. it was damn hot.
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